We bear Your Load

Top Pallets, Lda. is a company producing pallets and wooden packaging.

Our Company focuses mainly on the business client, eventually we also like to collaborate on diy projects.

In addition to pallets with standard measurements, we also produce pallets and wooden packaging with customized measurements. On Our website you can find a catalog of products with direct access to a quote request.

However, we have a position that bets towards investment in the Environment because we recover used pallets, we believe in reducing the use of natural resources. We revitalize an end-of-life commodity and avoid destructive processing of it.

After recovery of the pallets used, we were able to provide a good at affordable costs. We thus allow customers to manage more effectively in the shipment of goods.

Our pallets and wooden packaging comply with IPPC ISPM-15, we are an economic operator authorized by DGAV – General Directorate of Food and Veterinary with registration number 10322 (consultation available via link or in www.dgav.pt).

marking of phytosanitary treatment on the pallet